Due to the desire of a group of ecuadorians to form a community in Atlanta, the Ecuadorian Association of Georgia (ASEG) was born in 1972 as the Ecuadorian Alliance.
The first meetings took place in Chastain Park, organized under the presidency of Vladimiro Pienick. One of the first actions that the organization had was to try to unite all latino residents in the city under the ecuadorian flag and culture. In order to publicize the activities of the Alliance and the Ecuadorian community, the televised cultural program “Latin Atlanta” was used as the main medium on channel 5.


Within the informative service of the Sunday show, interviews with well-known Latino personalities were developed, the program displayed music in Spanish, as well as educational segments on public health, American customs and how to better adapt to life in the United States. One of the most important activities carried out in its initial stage, took place in 1976, for the bicentennial of the independence of the United States.
The Governor of Georgia requested the help of the Ecuadorian Alliance to carry out a 24-hour show/marathon with folkloric dances from most of the Latin American countries present in Georgia. For this show, the organization received the important contribution of several dance groups from Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador.


Institutionally, in a second stage, on May 21, 1992, the Ecuadorian Association of Georgia (ASEG) was legally registered in the state of Georgia.


Subsequently, on July 4, 1998, an administrative dissolution of the organization was carried out in order to create a better organized association with internal statutes.

2005 - 2009

Finally, it was possible to re-register ASEG within the state of Georgia on December 20, 2005 as a non-profit organization, a registration that still stands to present days.
In these years, social work was strengthened by holding fundraising events to support the project “A desk for an Ecuadorian child”. The project consisted of raising funds in the United States, to send to Ecuador in order to build desks that were delivered to the most remote places in the country. This project was achieved thanks to a strategic alliance with the Ecuadorian Federation of Colonies from Loja, which had a presence throughout the country.

2015 - CURRENT

Recently, on May 18, 2015, the statutes were reviewed and some changes were made to safeguard the future of the Association. Additionally, the organization takes a shift towards a more social approach by carrying out multitudinous events such as the Cultural and Regional Fair of Ecuador to commemorate August 10, the election of the Queen of ASEG and the New Year’s Eve Party.
Currently, as a result of the covid 2021 pandemic, ASEG has begun to have a strong emphasis on social networks, virtual events and trying to impact a younger audience together with the creation of a Youth Committee.
In the future, it will seek to unite the Ecuadorian community in Georgia with face-to-face events as well as supporting latin youth education with tutorials on admission to universities in the USA and generating resources towards student scholarships for Ecuadorians seeking to succeed through higher education.